Pre-natal yoga classes allow and encourage expectant mothers to openly and comfortably share in their pregnancy experiences and empowering goals, as we offer tremendous amounts of support for each other in a calm and nurturing environment.

After the first class, your focus will begin to bring awareness back into your physical body, with a sense of power and complete relaxation, from the outside-in and the inside-out. Moms find a deeper connection to their body and breath, to the present moment, and, most importantly, to their baby.

The asana, or physical postures, help to build strength and stamina, improve circulation, regulate breathing, open energy channels and harmonize the triadic relationship and functioning of body, mind and breath. As mothers stretch, they will learn to relax naturally, and begin to trust the innate wisdom within - making it easier to surrender into places that feel tight, out of balance or even foreign. For the mothers-to-be, this surrender will prove invaluable from delivery day forward.

For example, modified squats in a pre-natal practice, will increase blood circulation to the pelvic floor and help create a sense of opening or releasing for pregnant mothers. The many physical benefits of practicing asana, when woven together with the breathing practice of pranayama, will help build the expecting mother’s immunity and inner strength, and will help her release any apprehension or anxiety attached to the birth process.


The mind-body practice of yoga, allows the mothers to connect with their bodies and respond to its needs. This forges a powerful trust and deepened intimacy between body and mind, and helps the expectant mothers to rely less on rational thought and more on intuitive wisdom.

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience and the changes it brings about are an opportunity for mothers-to-be to grow and transform any feelings of doubt or weakness into ones of courage and strength. Pre-natal yoga helps mothers to be fully present in each and every moment – and in each and every breath – by strengthening the body, mind and spirit connection - supporting the birthing process to unfold and naturally follow its intended path.

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