Sacred REbirth with Reiki is a profoundly sacred, specialized Reiki session designed to integrate the wisdom from your own birth experience from your Mother. Releasing old energies from your birth that is still held in the body and which no longer serve you, so that you are able to make an empowering imprint, includes:

  • Clearing of fear, trauma and negativity from your birth 

  • Practice accessing your body’s knowledge on how to be birthed and birth with ease 

  • Relaxation into the core of your being 

  • Integration of wisdom gifted to you from your birth experience

  • An invitation to the discovery of why you choose your Mother and Father

  • And your soul purpose for coming into physical for

We manifest our reality by what we think and feel about a situation. Often these thoughts and feelings originate from past experiences that have been long forgotten, and yet they heavily influence our present and future experiences. This is true about birth. Recorded in the cells of our bodies are the feelings of our own birth: anger, fear, anxiety, frustration, loneliness, and disempowerment to name a few. In our Sacred Rebirth with Reiki session, I will guide you back through your own birth. Using Reiki to help you release your body’s negative feelings and memories from your birth and integrate the wisdom gifted to you through the experience. Supporting you to create a clean slate for you to design and manifest the life you desire. After releasing the disharmony held within your body I will guide you through a rebirth using natural breathing rhythms, visualizations and affirmations to access ancient natural birthing wisdom. This new way of birthing is then encoded in the cellular memory of the your body creating new, positive and vibrantly peaceful pathways for birthing your future. 


Sacred Rebirth with Reiki Session - $150

For bookings and more information please contact me at: 

Location: Retreat Yoga & Wellness Studio 

371 Young Street, Midland, Ontario L4R 3A7





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